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Men Must End Violence Against Women

Our attitudes and behavior towards women can have a lasting impact on families and communities. Men may not be aware that violence against women is a problem that must be eradicated. We share 4 reasons why men must become active participants in this effort.

Men Are Responsible

In today’s society it can be seen as the norm or “not a big deal”. So as a society we need to hold men accountable for their actions.  This needs to be brought to the forefront and recognized as a problem. You hear stories all the time of men being physically or sexually abusing to their wife, girlfriend or intimate partner.  This type of violent behavior should not be tolerated and men need to stand up to this terrible inhumane act.

A Larger Network

Men generally have a louder voice and larger network. As an example, look at the professional athlete and his followers. They are engaged in every tweet, post and social media action. This content gets shared thousands of times.  Imagine the impact if a handful of professional athletes spoke out against violence towards women. It would make the news and become a national discussion that could empower the organizations working locally and change how men view their relationships. Overnight, our communities  would begin to challenge its own ideas and behaviors. 

Words Are Powerful

The old saying of “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is not to be taken lightly.  Words can and do hurt people. Men need to stop being disrespectful to women by calling them derogatory names. This is sexist and is actually reinforcing rape culture.  Men must be more conscious of their words and challenge their own superiority complexes. As a society and culture we need to promote gender equality and learn to develop more positive relationships in our communication. 

Personal Experiences

Some men may have been witnesses to violence towards women during childhood.  They may have seen their father or their mother’s boyfriend beat their mother.  The behavor becomes the way they handle relationships. This is  now how our wives, girlfriends and friends should be treated. Instead, the experience should motivate men to make a difference and stand up to end violence towards women.

Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity has developed the Beacon of Hope Project to shed light on the responsibility men have to ensure women are given equal rights and live in a world without violence. We will join Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. for their annual Ray of Hope Walk to End Violence Against Women. We encourage you to attend this event on October 6, 2018.

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