Where is Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, Inc. Located ?


Our organization has members in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Illinois, Nevada and New Jersey.



What organizations has your fraternity partnered with ?


We are proud to have been a regional sponsor of the ' Ray of Hope Walk to End Domestic Violence ' by Omega Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. . We have joined with local chapters of Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. , Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Beta Xi Sorority, Inc., Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority, Inc. , Nu Omega Psi Sorority, Inc. , Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. and Lambda Theta Phi Latin Sorority, Inc. . We partnered with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.'s Alumni Chapter in MD.



What is a Civic Fraternity ?


A local organization organized to provide direct service to their community. Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, Inc. empowers our members to be a force for positive change by serving where they are located. This means that each region can cater to a specific issues of greatest concern.



Why should I join Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, Inc. ?


We are a unique organization that places value in developing our members to their fullest potential. It is not enough to perform service activities. We believe that when we develop our talents and abilities, we can lead a fulfilling life. And use that life to empower others. As a member, you will be apart of an organization that practices what we teach. Every member is valued. We do not discriminate. Since we do not require a degree to become a member, you have the opportunity to join a developing organization that is creating a legacy of positive change.



How much does it cost to become a member ?


We believe that finances should not become a barrier to fraternal membership. Our monetary commitments are affordable. Once you receive an application, this information will be included.



Do you pledge ?


We do not haze. We have a member education program that takes 9 weeks to complete. At the conclusion of this process, you will have a service activity and presentation. We have a very special ceremony that is designed to inspire. We have our crossing activities during our Brotherhood weekends.



Can I be a member of another organization and join the fraternity ?


Yes. Members of the NPHC ,NAFLO, Masonic, service, religious and professional organizations are welcome to join.

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