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Non Collegiate Frats Build Community

The Non Collegiate Fraternity [ NC Fraternity ] scene has exploded. Organizations that were once seen as clones of the NPHC are now gaining local and national recognition for the important service they undertake in the community. For these groups, it’s not about putting on letters but being committed to work. Members are investing their time, money and talent into worthy causes. Some may look at these philanthropic activities as minuscule. Upon further evaluation, we find a new grassroots movement building communities . In this article we look at three ways non collegiate fraternities empower.

Solving Local Problems

Non collegiate fraternities help solve ignored challenges in the community. Organizations offer direct assistance to disadvantaged individuals. Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc. provides valuable support to veterans through their Herculean Effort Program, is geared towards helping to eradicate veteran homelessness.  By targeting one core issue at a time, they are able reduce the strain on families and non profits that may not be able meet the demand. Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, Inc. has recently worked to eliminate the homeless through adopting residents in shelters, advocacy and providing clothing to individuals on the street.

Improve Lives

By doing community service, NC Fraternities are changing the lives of individuals. Each moment spent could completely change the world for another. Tutoring children in low income areas, offering health assessments or spending an hour each week at a community garden are acts of service that have immediate impact.

Strengthen the Community

Service can bring neighborhoods, families, and people closer together. Through a community-wide effort to solve problems , NC Fraternities can become the conduit that motivates people to work together. Some communities benefit from an increase in funding due to these local service initiatives. Local government often allocate resources to assist these revitalization efforts. This additional support creates a feedback loop that increases local participation.

Non Collegiate Fraternities are playing a vital part in building communities. Through grassroots efforts coupled with strategic partnerships, they are working to eliminate to most pressing challenges on a local level. And become an important resource to communities ignored by local governments. These service activities highlight their viability while making them an attractive option for any man seeking a brotherhood.

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