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Event Supports Latino Business Owners

GEORGETOWN, DE. – Almost 9 percent of Delaware’s population is made up of the Latino and Hispanic community and tonight– one local financial empowerment program did what they could to make sure that 9 percent is represented in the business field

“Latino’s want to start their own business, they’re entrepreneurs they’re hard workers and their excited about this program and so are we,” said Delaware Hispanic Commission Chairman Javier Torrijos.

Dozens of Hispanic business owners, aspiring business owners, and entrepreneurs alike all attended a networking event in Georgetown Tuesday night that aimed to support Latino business development in Sussex County.

“It’s exciting for us because we’re developing partnerships with many different business organizations to really try to allow Latinos to grow and prosper and find the American dream here in Delaware,” said Torrijos.

This is the second event Stand By Me Negocios is holding for Latinos who may be facing challenges when looking to start, or expand their own business.

“When you’re working with the Latino community you have other challenges such as language and cultural differences that sometimes makes it a lot more complicated especially when you’re filling out legal paperwork and trying to get licenses,” said Mary Dupont, Director of Financial Empowerment.

Once enrolled in the program Hispanic entrepreneurs work with a personal financial coach to establish and achieve their financial and business goals, and learn about services available in Delaware for small-business owners.

“There’s a lot of Hispanics in the community that are running businesses but not at the level where they want to be so we’re hoping that we’ll be able to assist them through one on one coaching,” said Delaware/Hispanic Economic Sub Committee Givvel Marrero.

“We think that this is the bridge that fills that gap so that individuals that are highly interested, highly, motivated or don’t have any idea of how to start their own business can actually finally start their business,” said Torrijos.

And program directors say holding these Latino based networking events will get them one step closer to living out their American dream.

“We want to see Latino women own their own businesses, we want to Latino men own their own businesses, we want to see growth,” said Torrijos.

Program directors also add that they’ll be holding their next networking event for on Saturday, May 26th.

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