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How to Choose a Non Collegiate Fraternity

There are dozens of Non Collegiate Fraternities. You can easily find yourself overwhelmed. I have outlined a few items to consider when searching for the perfect fit. It is my hope that this article will enable you to select an organization that matches your needs in the following areas.


The biggest criteria in selecting an organization should be its principles. They must resonate with you. Are you looking for a Christian based  fraternity ? Do you need a service  only organization ? Are you focused on developing a connection based on sexual orientation ? Fortunately, there is a wide variety fraternities to fill this need. A value-based selection will create a better experience. Members who select in this manner are more active, satisfied and engaged.


Personal interaction is a necessary ingredient of the fraternal experience. Brotherhood is developed through relationships. Look for organizations in your immediate area. If not, search for a fraternity that has frequent events that allow the members to socialize. Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity has quarterly Brotherhood Weekends to strengthen our bond. It is rotated to each city where we the members are located to provide the optimal bonding experience.


Non Collegiate Fraternities have lower fees than traditional Greek Letter organizations because they don’t need the expensive insurance policies to cover accidents. Membership is usually held below $200 per year with a number of organizations offering payment plans each quarter. Compare this to the induction fees ranging from $350 – $1000 . This number does not include chapter dues, taxes, assessments and various fees that are routinely imposed by African American and Latino groups. Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity believes that money should not disqualify anyone for membership. We have created the Exceptional Man Scholarship to encourage motivated gentlemen to apply.


The public representation of the organization should be considered. Scroll through their social media pages of the fraternities you are considering. What does each picture say about this organization ? For example, Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity posts pictures of service events, brotherhood bonding and engages in veteran’s support projects. They embody their principles. If the fraternity you are considering does not have a working website or any current social media posts, then they should be removed from consideration.

It is always wise to do a self assessment before joining any organization. Know what you are looking for, factor in location and the image portrayed. You want your future fraternity be the perfect fit. It will lay the foundation for a fraternal experience that empowers your life.

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