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Black Men Need Non Collegiate Fraternities

Fraternal organizations have been a vital part of the African American experience since Prince Hall revolutionized masonry by becoming the first Grand master of the African Grand Lodge of North America. This significant act happened in 1784. His commitment to the uplift of African Americans laid the groundwork for the creation of Greek Letter organizations on college campuses.

Alpha Kappa Nu was the first fraternity to be created in 1903. It was quickly followed by Gamma Phi at Wilberforce University and Pi Gamma Omicron at The Ohio State University in 1905. These organizations faced untold challenges. They sparked a flame in the hearts of African Americans who were determined to better the community through gaining an education at a Historically Black College.

A year later Alpha Phi Alpha would be created with the essential elements to survive and expand. The fraternal idea would lead to the creation of the Divine 9. These organizations created a legacy of excellence in education, science, civil rights, law, mathematics and excelled in every profession its members pursued. Thousands of collegiate men and women would enter this great institution.

In the shadows, were our brothers and  fathers without collegiate a education. They contributed the same effort to the empowerment of our community. Some were trained in trades. Others enrolled in military service. Many experienced economic barriers that kept the from following the course African Americans fraternities had laid. These men deserve the same opportunity today.

Non Collegiate fraternities [ NC Fraternities ]develop men professionally , offer mentoring and teach valuable leadership skills. Men in these organizations have a place where they belong. A family of brothers who are committed to their success in life. NC Fraternities fill the void that was left by the collegiate organizations.

Empowered, they create stronger families. Awakened to the necessity to serve, these men use their resources and influence to steer our youth in a positive direction. Non Collegiate fraternities develops a sense of pride in oneself, love for the community and motivation to serve. They are a new institution worthy of support of the Divine 9 and a place in the African American experience.

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