Thanks for your interest in Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, Inc. Completing this application is the first step in becoming a member of this unique organization. Please reserve twenty minutes to ensure information is correct. We suggest using ADOBE ACROBAT to complete the application. Adobe offers a Free Trial.

Please submit your completed application to



Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity has a strict policy against hazing. Hazing is defined as an act or series of acts that may include, but are not limited to: attending unauthorized meetings or sessions; removing garments; eating or drinking  anything given to you as a requirement for membership in Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity; being subjected to any form of verbal, physical or mental harassment, intimidation or disgrace;


Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity requires those interested in membership in the Fraternity will support our policy against hazing, harassment and/or humiliation of any kind. Each applicant  acknowledges that they have read, understand and will abide by the policy of Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity which forbids hazing.


 With your submission, you agree to indemnify and/or hold harmless Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity, its affiliates, chapters, and their respective agents, officers, and employees for any and all acts of hazing in which the candidate participates and which result in harm to the candidate or anyone else from this day forward in perpetuity.



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