Sigma Lambda Xi is redefining the fraternal experience in urban communities across the United States. We are driven to enhance the lives of our members by empowering them to build leadership skills, connect with their culture , offer a network of professionals and develop lifelong relationships.



Traditionally, the fraternal experience has been limited to men who have attended universities. These leaders have energized communities, created philanthropic institutions and fought for civil rights. However, as the challenges facing urban communities increased, so did the need for all men to organize, become engaged and develop the critical skills that would lead to empowerment. Community  organizations initially met the need for social connections. There was a need for support groups and programming that could make a difference on the grassroots level.


By early 2015, non collegiate fraternal organizations had begun to pop up across the country. Some were exclusive, many catered to individuals based on their ethnic background or orientation. The majority of these organizations were created for women. It was during that time that Jahaziel Perez began to discuss with community members the formation of a civic fraternity for men. The organization would welcome men from trade schools, community college, working professionals and men dedicated to making a difference. Empowerment through service, professional development and cultural awareness would serve as core principles. This fraternity would work locally to address issues within each community. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and one of the four gentlemen that established Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. in Maryland.


He actively promoted the idea and gained support from a number legacy fraternal organizations. On June 25, 2017, Bruce Evans, Ishmael Malik, Jeffrey Lumpkins, Corey Lewis, Michael Axon joined him to become the founding Luminaries of Sigma Lambda Xi Fraternity . They were officially recognized and began to make an impact in the community.



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